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Dangerous Dog Bites: Vicious Dog Attacks are far Too Common

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Dog bites have been getting a lot of attention in the media lately and it has been different breeds of dogs attacking.  It seems like the past month the media keeps covering more and more situations that are about dog bites.   Sadly injuries and death due to dog attacks happen far too often. 

Dogs attacks are very serious situations.  Many people wonder what makes a dog attack or what makes a vicious or dangerous dog.  Some believe the answer depends on the dog breed and others believe that it is the way the dog is raised.  Both theories seem to be partially true.  Not all Pit bulls, Mastiffs, Rottweiler’s , German Sheppard’s, Siberian Huskies or any other dog that has a “bad reputation” is going to attack someone.  In fact, some Pit Bulls have wonderful dispositions and love children and some dogs such as Labradors Retrievers may possibly bite a child despite what they are known for.  

Raising a dog to be mean or attack or mistreating a dog can certainly lead to it being a vicious dog and injuring or possibly even killing someone.   Aside from this aspect there are certain tendencies that different breeds tend to follow, this does not necessarily mean they will attack someone but it does mean that the majority of their breed has a certain disposition that may possibly make them more prone to snapping or more prone to not stopping if they attack.  Take for example Siberian Huskies they are generally nice dogs and since the Disney movie Eight Below many children would like one as a pet.  While they are not necessarily prone to attack they look at situations differently than other dogs do.  They look at things in more of a wolf’s prospective so you need to understand the breed.  They are not known as a dog that is generally prone to attacking but they are known as a somewhat borderline “dangerous breed” because they have a problem stopping an attack once it is started and this also similar with many other breeds.  Perhaps this is why society has labeled certain dogs as dangerous because they are the stories you hear about not the small Pekinese that bites a child and needs 10 stitches.

As a dog owner you should always make sure you are aware of your dog and its surroundings.  Remember you are ultimately responsible for your dogs actions.

  • Make sure your dog is properly secured when it is outside
  • Put up signs around your yard that state that you have a dog
  • Train your dog to be comfortable with people and other animals being around its food, treats and toys

If you ever find yourself a victim of a dog attack you should make sure that you follow these rules:

  • Stand completely still when the dog is near you (stand like a tree)
  • Do not make eye contact with the dog
  • If the dog is biting you curl up into a ball and tuck your head between your legs (this will help avoid injuries to your neck, face and head. 
  • Seek medical attention immediately after a dog attack to avoid excessive blood loss and infection to the dog bite wounds.

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