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Eye Injuries from Dog Attacks Are Far Too Common - Please Be Careful!

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Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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According to a recent article in the Philadelphia Enquirer which was submitted by Rachel K. Sobel, a woman training to become an eye surgeon, severe eye injuries due to dog bites are very common - in fact far too common - and extremely dangerous. 

All dog bites are dangerous no matter where the dog ends up attacking on a body, especially if it is a young child, but studies show that when dogs attack they often attack the face.  More specifically they often attack and try to rip off the eyelids of the person they are attacking. 

Eyelid injuries can be severe, very difficult to repair and can get infected easily.  Often when Rachel Sobel has a patient who has been attacked by a dog and has suffered eyelid injuries it is very hard for the eye surgeons to reconstruct the eyelid because the eyelid tissue all begins to look the same when it is severely damaged.  It is only after hours of carefully examining and using special methods to pull the eyelid back together that the eyelid is arranged the way it should be. 

Considering a dog bite to the eye can cause severe eye injuries such as eye infection and temporary or permanent loss of vision it is very important to try to avoid a dog bit to the eye or for that matter completely. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation where a dog may attack it is important that you stand still and "become a tree" mimicking the way a tree looks with your legs together and straight like a tree trunk and your arms slightly raised at your side often causes a dog to leave you alone.  If the dog does decide to attack it is important that you "become a ball" tuck your head into your neck and tuck your knees into your chest while wrapping your arms around your knees.  This will prevent the dog from having easy access to your face or neck.  If a dog attacks get help immediately and be sure to go to the emergency room even if you do not believe that the bite was that severe because there is always a chance that the dog has rabies or another disease that me be able to be transferred to you or it could also become infected if not properly treated. 

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