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Get Injured From Slipping and Falling an Ice Covered Sidewalk - Want to Know Who Is at Fault?

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During the winter months you may or may not see a lot of snow fall in New York but you are almost bound to see at least a few inches throughout the winter months and if it is a year like this year's winter has been you may even see a few feet by the time spring arrives. 

One thing that you as a homeowner in Staten Island, Brooklyn or anywhere else throughout New York state is that you need to make sure you shovel and put salt down on your sidewalk not matter how much or how little snow fall there is. 

Very dangerous situations can occur when a property owner does not take proper measures to prevent ice buildup and does not shovel snow properly.  Slip and falls because of ice are very dangerous, in fact, the injuries that can occur because of slip and fall cases can range from minor injuries to dangerous life threatening injuries or even death.  The most common injuries associated with slip and fall accidents due to negligence where ice and snow have not been removed are injuries to the head, neck, back, hip, elbow, wrist, hand, and ankles. 

Almost all of us have slipped on ice or wet snow at some point and time in our lives but what makes the property owner negligent for the slippery situation?

The main thing that is looked for when determining if you have a case against the property owner for the icy sidewalk conditions is timing of the slip and fall injury.  Did the homeowner or business owner have a sufficient, reasonable amount of time to shovel the snow properly and put salt down on the ground? Different things that may have an effect on this answer are how long ago did the snow stop and what time of the day/night did the snow stop?  If the snow fell through the night and you slipped and fell on the sidewalk at 5 am you may not have a slip and fall injury case but if the snow fell though the night and you slipped on the sidewalk 5 pm the next day you more than likely have a case against the property owner because the property owner at that point would be negligent for not properly cleaning up the snow and ice and has created dangerous conditions due to their own negligence.

Steps to take if you are injured in a slip and fall on ice or snow on a sidewalk:

  • Look around to see what exactly you slipped on and where
  • Take a picture of the ice on the sidewalk with a camera phone or other camera if you have access to one.  If not, or if you are too hurt to take a picture of the area get help first and ask someone you know to go back to the location quickly to take pictures of the condition of the sidewalk, and things surrounding the area including a picture of the house that the sidewalk is associated with don't forget to tell them to be careful when going back to take pictures of the icy sidewalk.  Be sure to take plenty of pictures.
  • If you are injured make sure that you immediately go to a hospital or to your family doctor so you can be examined and evaluated.  This will not only be important to your health and future recovery from your injury but will also be detrimental to your injury case. 
  • After you have taken pictures of the property notify the property owner to notify them of the incident.


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