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Sports Related Injuries in Children in Staten Island | Tips to Make Sure Your Child's Sports Equipment is Safe

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In a recent article in the Staten Island Advance "Many Sports-Related Injuries can be Prevented" Gail Larkin, a writer for the SILive.com, discusses ways to prevent sports related injuries in children. 

In the article Gail focuses specifically on the importance of the use of protective gear that is appropriate for the specific sport being played.  One of the more popular used pieces of sports safety equipment is a helmet.  The use of helmets in sports helps reduce the chances or a traumatic brain injury (TBI), helps protect the face and helps prevent other common head injuries.

The use of helmets is currently in most sports such as football, baseball, softball, car racing, bike racing, motocross racing and in many other sports that allow the face or head to be at risk for injury.   Helmets, along with other protective equipment, are required in most sports that children play where the head could easily be injured but the question is if the equipment is:

  • Being provided to your child
  • Being worn correctly by your child
  • In good working condition

Statistics show that most sports related injuries in children and teens could be prevented with the use or proper use of protective equipment - Is your child being provided protective gear? Is the coach or gym teacher showing them how to wear it properly? Is your child's equipment in working condition or is the equipment falling apart? Does the equipment comply with the current safety standards that are supposed to be used for that particular piece of equipment when used on children? - these are all questions you will want to find out from your child's school to make sure that they are safe while playing their sport or choice or during gym class.

With the weather changing and different popular sports, such as baseball and softball, starting in Staten Island it is very important that you make sure that your child is being properly protected against injuries, especially brain injuries, that are preventable. 


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Thanks this was very helpful. I've been doing a bit of research around sports injuries because we can never be too careful with ur children.
Posted by Jane on April 30, 2010 at 05:02 AM

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