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The Term Brain Injury Is More Likely to be Taken More Seriously than Concussion to Parents, Children, Schools and Coaches

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In a recent article in the Los Angeles Times titled "You Say Concussion, I Say Brain Injury. Let's Call the Whole Thing Serious" lists the results of a recent study which was published in the journal Pediatrics which reveal that parents are more likely to take their children's head injuries more seriously depending on what the treating doctor chooses to describe the injury as. 

The study revealed that when doctors told the patients parents that their child had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) they were 1 1/2 times more likely to keep their child in the hospital longer and wait longer before having their child return to their normal daily activities such as school and sports when compared with those who were told that their child had a concussion.  The study showed that the term "concussion" is taken much lighter and less serious than the term "traumatic brain injury" or "TBI".

Due to this study doctors are being encouraged to make sure parents are aware that when their child gets into an injury that a concussion is a brain injury.  The terms are basically the same thing and children, parents, schools and sport coaches need to be aware of this. 

Using the term traumatic brain injury will allow parents to understand the full seriousness of the situation that their child experienced and will also help them understand that their can potentially lasting effects on children, and adults alike, who suffer from these types of injuries.  Potentially lingering effects of a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) include hearing loss, dizziness, memory problems and depression.  If you or your child are experiencing any of these lingering side effects be sure to let your health care provider know. 

Hopes are that the study will not only offer insightful information to parents and the injured patients but also to those heading school football teams, college football teams, the NFL and other rough contact sports so that they will be able to understand the seriousness of concussions and will not allow their player to return playing before the brain injury has fully had time to heal.  Waiting for the brain to heal is very important in case of future head injuries in the child or even in an adult. Subsequent brain injuries that occur before the brain has had enough time to heal from the first concussion can result in negative long term effects even after sustaining just a small bump on the head.

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