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How can I determine if my child's toy has been recalled?


Recalled toys can be very dangerous causing problems from lead poisoning to lacerations to choking.  You can determine if your child's toy has been recalled by using the following steps as a guide:

  • Stay informed - The only way you will know if your child's toy may have been recalled or not is by taking steps to making yourself aware of recalled products.  A few ways you can keep an eye out for toy recalls is by signing up to a website (such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission site) or blog that offers recall announcements, watching the news or reading the news online incase a recall is announced, or fill out a product card (this is a card that is sometimes sold with children's products and toys - you fill out a postcard and mail it in to the company and if the product is ever recalled they are supposed to contact you to inform you). 
  • Check the name and model number -  Usually when a toy recall is announced the model number is announced with the recall.  The model number can usually be found on the toy itself but where exactly on the toy the model number is located will vary depending upon what type of toy it is.  If it is a plush toy it may be located on a tag whereas if it is a hard plastic to it may be imprinted onto the toy itself. 
  • Call the manufacturer or place of purchase - The majority of the time that a recall is issued you will want to contact the manufacturer of the product in order to find out how you are to be refunded for the product or if there is a fix for the recalled toy.  In some instances though the manufacturer may be out of business and the recall may have been issued directly from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In this case stores who sell the product usually will deal directly with the recalled toy and you should contact them.
  • Call an injury lawyer - This step should only be taken if your child has been injured or has become ill because of a recalled toy.  If this is the case contacting an injury lawyer will help you understand what your rights are against the manufacturer of the toy.


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