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How much does a personal injury lawyer cost?


Personal injury lawyers do not usually charge you anything until your case is settled.  A personal injury lawyer will normally meet with you before taking your case to evaluate whether or not you have a legitimate case against the person you are starting a lawsuit against.  If the injury attorney feels as if you have a win-able case they will have you sign a retainer statement.  Once your injury case is settled the attorney will usually get 33 1/3% of the amount you are compensated from the case and will also take out any additional charges you incurred during the time of the case (such as charges for copies of medical records, expert witnesses ect.).

Keep in mind that not all injury attorneys have a no cost policy during the time your case is going on the way our firm does and you should always review their policies prior to signing a retainer statement.  Some injury law firms may charge you for costs you incur throughout the case but may not lay out the money for you in the same way we described we do in the previous paragraph.  They may actually charge you upfront for all costs - because of this always keep in mind to ask questions before signing any papers with a lawyer. 


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