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How much is my Staten Island accident case worth?


Unfortunately, there is no magic formula which will help you to arrive at that answer. Through years of experience handling personal injury cases, our firm has gained the knowledge of what similar injuries are worth. Although each case that comes into my office is at least slightly different, we can identify a range in which your injuries are valued once your medical treatment stabilizes and your injuries become apparent.

The largest portion of a personal injury award is for the pain and suffering you have endured. Since you and only you experience the pain resulting from your injuries, it is very difficult to quantify financially because it is so subjective. In determining the range, we take into account your injuries, the impact that they have had on your life, whether they are permanent and what medical treatment will be needed in the future, the extent and duration of your medical treatment and prior jury verdicts or arbitration awards. In calculating damages, we also take into account if you had to pay for your medical treatment and if you lost time from work.

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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