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My lawyer told me I am going to receive financial benefits from my injury. What types of financial benefits are there?


There are six types of award are permitted by the WCL for non-medical loss:

  • temporary total disability benefits - for periods when you have been unable to work
  • temporary partial disability benefit -  for periods when you have been unable to work your normal hours    or at your normal pay
  • facial disfigurement awards - are subject to a judge’s discretion for facial disfigurement resulting from your work-related accident;
  • permanent partial disability benefits - are awards for loss of physical function or for periods of partial wage loss after a claimant has been classified as having a permanent partial disability;
  • permanent total disability benefits - are for loss of your wage earning capacity after you have been classified as having a permanent disability; and
  • death benefits - which are compensation benefits awarded to a spouse, children or other family members following a work-related death.


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