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What happens when I am denied Social Security Benefits?


If you are denied benefits based upon your initial application for SSDI, you have the right to an appeal of their decision, before an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. At that hearing, you will able to testify about your disability, present witnesses to help prove your claims, examine your case file to ensure that the ALJ has all of your medical records and allow the ALJ to “see” your injuries. The SSA case workers do not give away these benefits easily; in fact, they act like it is coming out of their own pockets because it essentially is. I strongly recommend that you retain an experienced Social Security Disability Insurance attorney in Brooklyn and Staten Island to represent you at your hearing and throughout your appeal. An experienced SSDI attorney understands what information that the SSA is looking for and will work with you to obtain that information before the hearing. If the information that you provide to the ALJ is incomplete, you will most likely again be denied benefits. In fact, for those persons that applied for SSDI benefits in New York, almost 62% were denied. For those that appealed their initial denial, a staggering 85% of applicants were denied! Only 15% of those that appealed were awarded benefits.