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Amusement Park Accident - New York Amusement Park, Theme Park, Water Park Injury | Roller Coaster, Slide, Amusement Ride Injuries

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Amusement parks, theme parks and water parks are a place that people of all ages go to for fun and excitement. More than likely you have probably been to an amusement park more than one time in your life.  Some common amusement parks and theme parks are Six Flags Great Adventure, Disney World, Disney Land.  There are many more places where there are amusement park rides such as at boardwalks at certain beaches and carnivals. Often children and adults alike go on amusement park rides for a thrill and for the excitement.  Amusement park rides such as roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and rides that spin give you what you often think of as a "safe thrill".  They are thrilling because of the speeds they go at or because of the design of how the ride works and most people often feel that they can get a "safe thrill" from these types of rides because they are owned, operated and tested by someone on a regular basis to ensure safety.  While it is true that the rides are supposed to be tested by someone on a regular basis and are usually run by a person it is not always true that the rides are safe.  In fact, there are many ways that these rides can easily become a playground for accidents and can result in serious amusement park ride injuries.

How Often Do Amusement Park Accidents and Malfunctions Really Occur? (The number may be disturbing)
Amusement park accidents and malfunctions are far too common in fact they range from anywhere between 40 to over 100 every year throughout the United States.  Incidents include all types of different rides including Ferris wheel injuries, roller coaster injuries, children's inflatable attraction injuries, go kart injuries, log flume injuries, park train injuries, water park injuries and many more.  If an amusement park is negligent you can not guarantee that any ride is safe from an accident occurring.  Over the years a website called Ride Accidents has compiled a list of stories in the news and other relevant information dealing with amusement park ride malfunctions and negligence and the injuries it causes you may be surprised to see how often stories like these and possible like yours happen.

Causes for Amusement Park Accidents
Amusement park and water park accidents can be caused by a variety of different factors. 

  • Negligence of the person operating the amusement park ride or water park ride
  • Negligence of the person managing the amusement park
  • Negligence of the amusement park ride inspector

Generally accidents and injuries at an amusement park are caused because someone either acted in the wrong way or someone failed to act and often times it is the fault of someone associated with the amusement park or water park.  The staff at the amusement park is supposed to be trained to allow the ride to run safe and to make sure the people who are on the rides are instructed on how to use it properly and are double checked by an employee.  When any of these circumstances fail to occur and an injury occurs it is considered the negligence of the amusement park or water park.

Negligence can result in any of the following situations to occur that cause injuries from amusement park rides:

  • Failure to inspect the rides;
  • Mechanical failure of the ride;
  • Roller coasters colliding;
  • Improper instruction on how to enter a ride;
  • Improper instruction on how to exit a ride;
  • Improper instruction on what to do while on the ride;
  • Not being properly secured in the ride by the amusement park personnel;
  • Ride malfunction;
  • Quick acceleration of an amusement park ride;
  • Amusement park ride stopping too quickly;
  • Falling from the amusement park ride;
  • Falling from a water slide at a water park;
  • Falling from a roller coaster;
  • Slip, Trip or Fall on uneven pavements or roads at an amusement park;
  • Slip, Trip or Fall on wet surfaces;
  • Theme park animals attacking;
  • Becoming trapped between amusement park ride vehicles;

All of these instances and more can cause the amusement parks negligence to cause an amusement park accident injuring you or a loved one such as a child.

Injuries Caused by Amusement Park Rides, Water Park Rides and Theme Parks
There are many possible injuries that can occur as a result as an amusement park accident, water park accident or theme park accident but below is a list of the most common amusement park injuries:

  • Cuts, scratches or bruises;
  • Lacerations;
  • Broken finger;
  • Broken hand;
  • Broken leg;
  • Broken foot;
  • Brain injury;
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI);
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Paralysis;
  • Paraplegia;
  • Quadraplegia;
  • Loss of appendage;
  • Loss of a limb

How Our New York Injury Law Firm Can Help You if You Have Been Injured at an Amusement Park or If Your Child Was Injured at an Amusement Park, Water Park or Theme Park

Understanding your rights against an amusement park, water park or theme park if they were negligent is necessary if you or your child suffers from injuries sustained at an amusement park.  When a company or person fails to make an atmosphere that is supposed to be safe they are considered to be a negligent party.  You may be wondering how much an amusement park injury is worth.  Depending on your situation and your specific injury is how the amount you are entitled to would be determined.  In order to get an accurate estimate of how much your amusement park injury case is worth you will need to speak with a New York injury lawyer. If you, a child or a loved one was injured by or died from an amusement park ride feel free to contact Frank J. Dito Jr. Staten Island New York amusement park injury lawyer to discuss what your rights are.  The consultation is free and we do not collect any fees from you until we have settled your case.  You may be wondering how much your amusement park injury is worth.