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Common Accidents Among Elderly that Can Cause Serious Injury

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Elderly men and women are more prone to certain types of accidents as they get older but they are also prone to worse injuries from those accidents due to old age especially caused by fractures.

Bone fractures occur when the structure of the bone cannot support the force that is given to the bone. As we become older our bones usually begin breaking down due to a lack of calcium which can cause a bone break or a bone fracture to happen more easily.

Everyday common dangers for the elderly often include the following circumstances:

  • Grocery store or shopping area - Often times a slippery floor or an unstable display of products can quickly become a dangerous area for anyone especially an elderly person due to how fragile their bones are;
  • Icy sidewalk - Whether it is walking from a store to a car or walking a few houses down the street in the winter time this can become a difficult and dangerous task if there are patches of ice on the sidewalk;
  • Crossing a street - While this can be dangerous for anyone it is especially dangerous for elderly persons. Often times negligent drivers not paying attention can easily hit an elderly pedestrian who is having trouble getting across the street before the crosswalk light changes;
  • Car accident - Many times, regardless of whether the elderly person is the driver or a passenger, an elderly person can suffer serious and severe injuries when involved in a car accident simply because the impact from the accident on their bones does more damage than it would to someone in their middle-aged years. This can cause a somewhat serious injury to often be a life threatening one for an elderly person; or
  • Nursing home or home nurse - While nursing homes are not always a dangerous place the wrong people and/or the wrong situations can make them a deadly situation. Nursing home abuse and nursing home negligence can be deadly situations that can cause many injuries including bone fractures. Make sure you know the signs of nursing home negligence and nursing home abuse.

There are other various ways that injuries can occur to an elderly person around the house such as falling down a flight of stairs, getting a burn from a hot pot, pan or stove, or simply falling from a lack of assistance. It is important to make sure your elderly family members have a strong support in your family to help keep them safe. 

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