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Daycare can be a wonderful service for families especially for those who have a one parent household or two working parents but as wonderful of a service that daycare can be it also exposes children to extreme danger when they are placed in the wrong circumstances. 

Daycare abuse and daycare negligence is something that is very real and does happen at some child care facilities and is responsible for some children encountering situations that they should never have to encounter.  Common situations include: 

  • Verbal abuse - calling a child dumb, stupid or putting a child down;
  • Physical abuse - smacking, kicking, slapping, punching, shoving a child or any other violent and inappropriate contact; 
  • Sexual abuse - touching a child inappropriately, molesting a child, raping a child or speaking to a child in an inappropriate sexual manner; 
  • Negligence - any type of negligence in a daycare is dangerous for a child and may leave the child vulnerable to being abused by other children in the daycare, getting lost, or getting injured. 
When a parent makes a decision to put their child in daycare or childcare the parent is put in a position to trust the facility she/he has chosen to watch their child to take good care of their child and to have hired the appropriate staff to do so also. A daycare or child care facility that does not fulfill the agreement to watch over your child in an appropriate manner may be held liable for any damage done to your child whether it be a physical injury, emotional injury, or sexual abuse. 
About Child Care Negligence Lawsuits in New York
 Child care negligence is not taken lightly especially if the negligence resulted in an injury to the child or resulting in the child dying. To start a child care negligence lawsuit in New York you will need to be able to provide proof of the negligence and the extent that the negligence effected the child. If the negligence directly resulted in the a child injury, death of a child or emotional problems of the child you may be able to file a lawsuit against the daycare provider or child care provider.

If your child has been a victim of daycare abuse or daycare negligence in New York we offer a free consultation so you can sit down and discuss your child's situation with an experience child injury lawyer. To set up a free consultation with Frank J. Dito Jr. Staten Child Care Abuse and Negligence Lawyer call 718-701-2776 or email us through our online contact form.  

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