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Filing for Workers Compensation for Department of Correction

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In order to expedite the processing of Workers Compensation Claims, to ensure that employees receive prompt and appropriate medical care and that healthy employees are returned to work as soon as possible, the Department is hereby reorganizing its procedures for reporting Workers Compensation claims.


A. All members of the Department will file Workers Compensation claims through the Health Management Division's Workers Compensation Unit.

B. Any employee who wishes to file a "claim" must be permitted to do so. Notification of a job related accident or injury must be reported by the agency, utilizing the appropriate forms, to the Law Department as soon as possible. 


After a job-related injury or accident occurs, the employee must:

A. Notify his or her supervisor of the injury or accident as soon as possible. 

B. Complete Form WCD-23 EMPLOYEE NOTICE OF INJURY, retain the triplicate copy for your record and forward the original and duplicate copies to the supervisor that you notified at the time of the injury.

C. Contact the Workers Compensation Unit, via telephone, within 23 hours of the accident or injury, to report information regarding the accident or injury. The telephone number is 877-632-4996



An employee who sustains an accident or injury may seek emergency medical treatment from any health care provider. However, any follow-up treatment must be authorized. Written requests for authorization for continued treatment, diagnostic medical tests or surgery related to the line of duty injury must be sent by the treating physician or health care provider to the New York City Law Department Workers Compensation Division, 100 Church Street, New York, New York 10007.


A. An employee will not pay any medical bills incurred as a result of a job related accident or injury. Any bills or medical reports received by the employee for medical treatment associated with a Workers Compensation claim must be forwarded directly to the New York City Law Department.

B. The medical health care provider or the treating physician will send his/her medical reports (Form C-4) to the Law Department as soon as possible after treatment has started. 

C. Information regarding authorization for continued treatment, diagnostic medical tests or surgery can be obtained by calling the Workers Compensation Unit at the Health Management Division 718-592-2322.


If a medical examination, test, treatment or surgery is authorized by the Law Department, the employee is required to comply with such requests or authorizations as promptly as possible.


If the employee's claim is not found to be compensable by the Law Department, the employee may contact an attorney to get a request for a hearing. 


The Workers Compensation Unit will obtain return to duty dates for uniformed employees from HMD's Sick Desk and forward the necessary C-11's to the Law Department.

Below are a few helpful forms that will be used for filing: