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How to Read a New York City Accident Report Section by Section Boxes 11-18

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When you are involved in a car accident in New York, the police come to the scene and they will write up a report describing the situation surrounding the accident. This document is called a Police Accident Report  you may request a copy of the accident report which can be obtained from the police station. Once you have the Accident Report you will be able to determine different information listed regarding the accident, yourself and any other drivers or pedestrians involved in the accident. Police Accident Reports contain a vast amount of information regarding the accident, the condition of the vehicles, the weather, injuries and many other information surrounding the accident. 

Boxes 1-10

Box 11: Ejection from Vehicle - 1. Not Ejected; 2. Partially Ejected; 3. Ejected

Box 12: Age

Box 13: Male/Female

Box 14: Location of Most Severe Physical Complaint - 1. Head; 2. Face; 3. Eye; 4. Neck; 5. Chest; 6. Back; 7. Shoulder/Upper-Arm; 8. Elbow/Lower Arm/Hand; 9. Abdomen/Pelvis; 10. Hip/Upper Leg; 11. Knee/Lower Leg/Foot; 12. Entire Body

Box 15: Type of Physical Complaint - 1. Amputation; 2. Concussion; 3. Internal; 4. Minor Bleeding; 5. Severe Bleeding; 6. Minor Burn; 7. Moderate Burn; 8. Severe Burn; 9. Fracture/Dislocation; 10. Contusion - Bruise; 11. Abrasion; 12. Complaint of Pain; 13. None Visible; 14. Whiplash (Click here to read more about car accident injuries)

Box 16: Victim's Physical and Emotional Status - 1. Apparent Death; 2. Unconscious; 3. Semiconscious; 4. Incoherent; 5. Shock; 6. Conscious 

Box 17: Injured Taken By 

Box 18: Injured Taken To

Boxes 19-30

If you have been injured in an accident in New York, you should speak to a knowledgeable, specialized Staten Island attorney immediately. Let the Staten Island Accident Lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr.,located at 1610 Richmond Road, Suite 200, Staten Island, New York, help you devise and execute a plan of action. For more information or to schedule an appointment call us at 718.701.2776 or 800.310.5520. For additional information being injured in a car accident continue reading more information here.