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Types of Car Accidents - Part 7: Improper Lane Change Accident in New York

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An improper lane change or an unsafe lane change usually means that a car either side swipes your car or changes lanes directly in front of you with no space between your cars causing an accident to occur. 

The penalty in New York for an unsafe lane change is a fine and 3 points on the negligent driver's license but what do you do if the improper lane change caused you or passengers in your car to get injured?  The only way to be compensate for the injuries you sustained from a driver who improperly changed lanes is by starting a lawsuit in New York. 

Perhaps the most dangerous improper or unsafe lane change that can occur is when a tractor trailor improperly changes lanes.  Because of the large size of tractor trailors when compared to a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle it puts the person who is being hit or overtaken by the tractor trailor at risk for severe injuries. 

No matter what size vehicle is switching lanes - motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, tractor trailor - the driver is responsible for checking their mirrors, blind spot and putting on their turn signal prior to switching lanes.  Not doing so shows negligence of the driver who made the unsafe lane change.

Common injuries from unsafe lane changes are:

  • Herniated discs in the spine
  • Bulging disc in the spine
  • Elbow injuries
  • Knee injuries

These and many other injuries can result from a side swipe or if a car cuts in front of you and causes an accident. 

Similar to a rear end accident an accident due to an unsafe lane change may cause injuries to you but the insurance adjuster handling the case may try to get you to settle for a low amount or for nothing at all except for the damages done to your vehicle.  Do not speak to the adjuster or sign any papers they or the insurance company themselves want you to sign until you have spoken to an  injury lawyer! Speaking to an injury lawyer will help you understand if you have a case against the negligent driver and if so approximately how much your unsafe lane change or side swipe case is worth.  Signing any papers the insurance adjuster has or speaking to them may possibly cause you to give up your rights to being able to sue the negligent driver in the unsafe lane change accident.

Our law firm never charges you anything for a consultation or for your case until we have won your case and you have been compensated for your injuries.  If you have an injury from a side swipe or from a vehicle unsafely changing lanes and cutting in front of you it is important that you contact a New York injury lawyer to discuss your case.  Frank J. Dito Jr. Staten Island injury lawyer can be reached at 800-310-5520 or by filling out our contact form.

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