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Injured While Riding a Bike in Staten Island, New York

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
Car accident, personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney serving Staten Island and Brooklyn New York.

In Staten Island and throughout New York City cyclists share the road with other types of vehicles such as cars, buses and taxis making the road a potentially dangerous place to be if the cyclists or the drivers are not cautious.

Negligent drivers highly contribute to injuries to cyclists while riding in Staten Island. A driver who isn't paying attention properly to the road only has to clip a cyclist in order to cause injuries making the road a dangerous place not to mention a full head the injuries a full head on collision could cause. Even with bicycle lanes the road can still be a dangerous place for some cyclists. The high volume of traffic in Staten Island makes the roads more dangerous also simply for the fact that with the road being more congested there is more of a chance of being hit by a car and also some people may feel as if they have to drive in a rush because of all of the traffic they are stuck in often compromising safety for speed.

If you were injured while riding a bike in Staten Island, New York it is important to remember to remain calm in the situation. The first and most important thing you will need to do is be seen by a local hospital or your doctor. You will also want to make sure you, or if you are severely injured and have a friend at the scene have a friend do it, collect the information dealing with the person who hit you while you were riding your bicycle. This information will help you in the event you need to start a lawsuit for the injuries you have from being hit by the vehicle while you were on your bike and will also help for recovering any property damage. If you have injuries from being hit by a car while riding a bicycle it is important to consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer who handles bike injury cases in Staten Island, New York. Injuries to a cyclist after being hit by a car usually range from spinal cord injuries to broken arms to muscle tears in the legs and also include a larger array of injuries.

For immediate help and additional information on bicycle accident injuries in New York contact Frank J. Dito, Jr. Staten Island Bike Accident Lawyer at 718-701-2776.