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Meniscus Tear and MCL Tear - Knee Injury from Car Accident in New York or Staten Island

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Meniscus Tear

A meniscus tear refers to when the cartilage in the knee is torn. A meniscus tear is a very painful injury because when the cartilage in the knee tears it often leaves the knee with a reduced amount of cartilage in the area of the knee causing an increased amount of friction in the knee joint.

Symptoms of a torn meniscus often include swelling, knee pain, tenderness when pressing on the meniscus, popping or clicking from the knee, limited motion of the knee joint.

When involved in a car accident where a meniscus injury may be present it is important to either have the meniscus area of the knee examined by either a hospital or by your doctor. Test will include a visual evaluation of the knee and often times the doctor will order for an x-ray and MRI to confirm the tear in the meniscus.

Treatment for a meniscus tear often requires a surgical procedure called meniscectomy which involves trimming a portion of the meniscus. Other surgery options may include meniscus repair or meniscus transplantation.

MCL Tear (Medial Collateral Ligament Tear)

An MCL tear affects the area of the knee which controls the knees flexibility. Often times a car accident injury to the MCL will cause severe pain and will prevent the person with the car accident MCL tear from everyday activities and will have extreme trouble walking. 

Symptoms of an torn MCL include severe pain directly over the ligament, swelling, and knee instability. There are three grades which determine the severity of an MCL injury. Often times people with a Grade 1 MCL injury recovery from the injury in 1-2 weeks. Those with a Grade 2 MCL injury usually take about 3-4 weeks to recover. Those with a Grade 3 MCL injury normally take 6+ weeks to recover from the injury in which case rehabilitation may be needed and in some cases surgery to the MCL may be needed.

Those injured in a car Accident in New York may contact our Staten Island injury law firm for more information on knee injury compensation amounts and the process to start a claim or lawsuit against the other driver's insurance company. The amount of compensation will rest upon the severity of your injury and how it will have an effect on you. For a free consultation with Frank J. Dito Jr. Staten Island knee injury lawyer call 718-701-2776 or fill out our online contact form