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New York Car Accident Statistics for 2007

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There is no doubt that driving on New York roads and highways can be dangerous, as there are thousands of accidents each year to prove it.  Why are there so many car accidents in New York every year?  There are many theories, such as driver inattention, negligence, poor road conditions and bad weather, or it could just be due to the high population in the state.   One fact is for certain – a New York car accident can result in serious, incapacitating injuries. 

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles compiles annual traffic accident data provided by police agencies and motorists.  Based on the most recent report, there were 323,106 New York motor vehicle accidents in 2007.  Out of the 323,106 traffic crashes, 1,220 were fatal, resulting in 1,317 deaths.

In 2007, 194,255 people were injured in New York auto accidents.  That number includes 119,314 injured drivers and 53,261 injured passengers.

According to the report, there were 15,701 pedestrian accidents, 5,535 bicycle accidents and 5,426 motorcycle crashes.  As a result, 15,472 pedestrians were injured and 5,373 bicyclists were hurt in accidents statewide.

The highest number of accidents occurred on Fridays, which accounted for 55,336 of the reported traffic crashes.  Nearly two-thirds of all the accidents in 2007 involved multiple vehicles.

The 2007 report also contained the following interesting information regarding New York car accidents:

• More male drivers were involved in crashes than female drivers
• The age group, 21-29, represented the highest percentage of drivers involved in auto accidents
• Driver inattention or distraction accounted for the highest percentage of crashes in New York

Source: New York State Department of Motor Vehicles: New York State and County Traffic Safety Data Reports for 2007