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New York Drunk Driving Accidents Can be Prevented

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Drunk driving is extremely dangerous, irresponsible, and the cause of many terrible New York car accidents out on the road. The tragedy is that it is entirely preventable and can easily be avoided by not driving or having a designated sober driver when out drinking. If you have been the victim of a drunk driving accident in New York, then contacting a Staten Island personal injury attorney would be in your best interest.

It is not hard to spot a drunk driver, if you know what to look for. Usually a drunk driver will be weaving back and forth within their lane and will have trouble stopping in the correct place for traffic signs and lights.  They will also display erratic speeds where one moment they will be speeding then abruptly stopping, or driving slow then immediately accelerating, wide turns or turning too sharply are another indicator.

If you witness these signs then be ready to take down their license plate, a description of the vehicle, and the vehicles direction of travel. After spotting a drunk driver and noting all the necessary information, call the police and do not try to stop the driver on your own. Trying to stop the driver on your own is not only dangerous to your safety, but to the safety of others around you, the police are trained in pulling over drunk drivers in a safe manner, so let them handle the situation.

The second most effective way to protect yourself from a drunk driver is to always wear your seat belt when you are in your vehicle. Common sense and studies show that you are at greater risk of personal injury if you do not wear a seat belt as opposed to wearing it. Also make sure that children are properly secured in child restraints when they are in the car.

Another smart tip to help decrease drunk driving if you are hosting a party is to serve non-alcoholic beverages as well to encourage sensible drinking. It is also a smart idea to have people check their keys at your door if they will be drinking as a precaution to detour them from blindly driving off impaired. A final piece of common sense is that you should never under any circumstances ride in a car where the driver is impaired. There are plenty of other options to get where you are going, such as a cab or waiting for another ride.

If you live in New York and have been the victim of a drunk driving accident then call a Staten Island personal injury at The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr., at 800-310-5520 to talk about your accident and your rights.