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Leukemia Disability Claims

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Leukemia is a tragic and extremely weakening form of cancer that can make a person more susceptible to infectious diseases, anemia, and uncontrollable bleeding. Leukemia is a cancer that affects the marrow of the bone and how it creates white blood cells. The marrow creates leukemia cells that block the good white blood cells from doing their job in healing the body or clotting blood in an open wound. People from all walks of life can fall victim to Leukemia and it is not discriminatory as to whom it infects.

Some symptoms that are typical of leukemia are a swelling of the lymph nodes under the arms and in the neck. Some other symptoms include a weakness towards infection, pain in the joints and abdomen, and being susceptible to bleeding and bruising. In almost all cases these symptoms are accompanied by unexplained unhealthy weight loss.

Only a doctor can accurately diagnose leukemia, though, with any accuracy by running a battery of tests to evaluate your health from a myriad of differing angles. Only after seeing a qualified heath professional can you know for sure if you have Leukemia. They will also be able to diagnose whether you have acute or chronic Leukemia.

The next step after a positive diagnosis is to move towards a proactive treatment. The treatment will be based mainly on two factors, the subject’s age and infection level. The most prolific treatment that can be administered is chemotherapy and it is normally administered over an intense regiment of visits. The second most prolific treatment is biological therapy which is used to help stimulate the body to use it’s own defenses to combat the cancer.

It is important to remember that leukemia is not a death sentence and that advances in diagnosing and treating it are happening everyday.

If you or a loved one is suffering from leukemia then you may be eligible for Social Security assistance in the state of New York. By contacting a Staten Island Social Security Lawyer at The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr., at 800-310-5520 you can gain a better understanding of your rights. Even if you have been denied a claim you may still be eligible for benefits.