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Do You Have To Worry About New York Lexus Accidents Now Too?

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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Often times it is easy to underestimate the mechanical engineering marvel that is the modern automobile and how it’s many moving parts work in concert to create a symphony of whirling, humming, and spinning symbiosis. Even with the high standards for production that exist among major auto manufacturers today, and the oversight provided by the government to ensure safety, there are still defects that may present themselves as a vehicle enters into the market and is put to use by those who buy them.

One such problem that presented itself came in the form of a sticky accelerator pedal on a number of Toyota vehicles. The recall included roughly 2.3 million vehicles, which all required service from a certified maintenance technician. The grim reality of these recalls are the injuries that resulted.

There have been multiple crashes that have been attributed to Toyota’s sticky accelerator pedal and many more that are yet to be resolved. It is an extremely frightening event to be faced with; your car begins to speed up and despite your best efforts to depress the brake and take the car out of gear nothing seems to slow the car as you head toward heavy immovable objects. The gravity of that sort of a situation is exactly why Toyota is taking their recall so seriously and is taking huge steps to ensure safety for all who drive their vehicles.

In the past, Toyota has been seen as a safe and very reliable company that has held awards from many institutions regarding the craftsmanship and safety of their vehicles. If the massive 2.3 million vehicle recall was not enough to cause concern to their consumer base, then the recent addition of a recall for certain Lexus vehicles that are having problems with their steering wheels will.

Lexus is a subsidiary brand of Toyota and some Lexus vehicles are made side by side with Toyota vehicles. Toyota plans to move forward in a direction that will hopefully lead to safer vehicles through better research and development practices. For now, though, they are committed to making right what is wrong and dangerous to those who drive their cars.

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