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Bipolar Disorder & Social Security Disability

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If you suffer from bipolar disorder, you are aware of how debilitating this condition can be.  Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression and manic-depressive illness, is characterized by extreme mood swings that can last anywhere from weeks to months.  These changes in behavior can not only impact your life, but the lives of those around you.

Many people are not correctly diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is unsettling because when this condition is left untreated, the symptoms can get worse and lead to serious problems.  The suicide rate is high among people with bipolar disorder.

There are two main types of bipolar disorder – bipolar I and bipolar II.  Bipolar I refers to the situation where you have had at least one manic episode.  Bipolar II refers to the situation where you have had at least one episode of depression and at least one hypomanic episode.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder range over a large spectrum.  This condition involves episodes of mania (highs) and depression (lows).  These episodes can be severe and can impact every aspect of your life.  What is interesting about bipolar disorder is that a lot of time can pass by without experiencing one episode.

According to MayoClinic.com during the manic phase, you may experience euphoria, extreme optimism, rapid speech, poor judgment and aggressive behavior.  During the depressive phase, you may feel sad, hopeless, anxious, guilty and extremely fatigued.  The lows of bipolar disorder can lead to sleep problems and a lack of appetite.

Bipolar disorder can become so incapacitating that you are unable to work.  If you find yourself facing a circumstance where working is not possible because of bipolar disorder, you may be able to obtain Social Security Disability benefits.  You should contact an experienced New York Social Security Disability Insurance attorney at The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr., at 718-701-2776 or 800-310-5520.