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New York Laws Regarding Air Conditioning in Nursing Homes | Nursing Home Temperature Laws in New York

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This summer we have been experiencing very hot and humid weather conditions in New York.  We are used to always hearing on the news about heat advisories and making sure that the elderly are safe in the midst of heat waves but what about nursing homes in New York.  Are the nursing homes in New York required to keep the air conditioning on in the summer and at what temperature is it supposed to be kept?

New York Nursing Home Air Conditioning Laws

In New York nursing homes are required to keep temperatures at a "comfortable and safe" temperature level.  While the law does not specifically state (such as New Jersey) that the air condition must be kept on throughout the summer nor does it specify a specific temperature that the nursing home must be kept at, it does specify that the temperature must be comfortable and safe for the elderly that occupy the nursing home.  Anything outside of a "comfortable and safe" temperature at a nursing home in New York is against the law and would be considered negligence or nursing home abuse.
What to do if a Loved One Was in a Nursing Home in New York with No Air Condition
If you have a loved one that was subject to stay in a nursing home in New York without air conditioning during a heat wave this summer more than likely the conditions in the nursing home were not comfortable or safe for your elderly loved one. If you believe the nursing home your loved one is staying at was negligent by not having an air conditioner in the nursing home to keep the temperatures safe and comfortable or if you believe they were purposely trying to abuse your elderly loved one by keeping the temperatures in the room at a hot temperature without access to air conditioning it is important that you contact a New York Elder Abuse Lawyer and report the conditions your loved one experienced.

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