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Prescription Malpractice Lawsuits in Staten Island, New York | Given the Wrong Prescription by a Pharmacy or Drug Store | Health Problems from Taking the Wrong Medicine

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Every year millions to billions of dollars of money is paid out by pharmaceutical companies and drug stores because of pharmaceutical malpractice. Pharmaceutical malpractice can cause death or severe medical conditions because of the incorrect dosage or incorrect use of medication.

How Does Pharmaceutical Malpractice Occur?

Pharmaceutical malpractice can occur from any of the following situations:
  • A patient is given another patients medication
  • The wrong dosage of the medication is given to the patient
  • The wrong instruction pamphlet is given out with the medication or the wrong instruction information is given
  • A medication with a similar name was given to a patient that was not prescribed for them
  • The pharmacist misread the doctors handwriting on the prescription paper and prescribed the wrong medication
  • The prescription drug is compounded incorrectly by the pharmacy

If any of these situations occur it can be a very dangerous and possibly fatal mistake especially if a person is allergic to a medication or if the medication is something that a person does not need. Situations such as these can create an adverse reaction and can leave a person suffering from serious health problems for years to come or in many situations may result in death.
What Should I Do If I Was Given the Wrong Medication from the Pharmacy or Drug Store?
If you were given the wrong medication from a pharmacy or drug store and you have not yet taken the medication it is good that you caught the mistake. You will want to call the pharmacy and advise them of the mistake and pick up the correct prescription. If you did not catch the mistake the pharmacy made and take the drug you should contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately to notify them and to inquire about any side effects you should watch for and over what time period you should be looking for side effects. If you experience any reaction to taking the wrong medication seek medical attention immediately.

The dangerous thing about the wrong medication being prescribed or a pharmacy making a medication error is that many times the patient may not even know that they are taking the wrong medication until adverse side effects occur and their hospital or doctor advises them of the problem. Many times a trip to the emergency room and an in-patient stay is required if severe enough of a mistake. Some situations end in the patient dying from the medication error. 

What you should do after you have received the correct medical attention depends on the severity of the mistake and how much it has effected you personally.  If you suffered physical or mental damages, especially that are long lasting, or if a loved on was killed by a pharmaceutical error it is important to find out what your legal rights are against the pharmacy / drug store. 

Starting a Lawsuit in New York for a Pharmacy Medication Error
Medication errors should not be taken lightly especially if health conditions now exist form the mistake. When a wrong dosage is administered, wrong instructions are given or the wrong medication is given to a patient from a pharmacy or drug store the pharmacy is liable for negligence if adverse reactions or death occurs.

If you live in New York and have experienced health problems from a medication error contacting a Prescription Malpractice Lawyer.  Frank J. Dito prescription malpractice lawyer in Staten Island, New York will provide you with information regarding prescription malpractice and a free consultation in which you can discuss the effects being given the wrong medication, information or dosage has had on your life whether the damages are physical or mental and we will discuss with you if you have a case and if so how to go about starting a lawsuit against the pharmacy or drug store. To speak with Frank J. Dito Jr. call 800-310-5520.