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PCB Health Problem Lawsuits in New York | Staten Island Lawyer

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The dangers of PCB's are still being discovered but enough is known about them to understand that they are dangerous to our health and the health of generations to come.

PCB's are known to have different effects on people in different age brackets. In unborn children whose mothers were exposed to PCB's and to children who are exposed to PCB's it can cause developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and behavioral disabilities. Studies have linked PCB's to causing specific issues such as psychomotor delays, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), IQ deficits, and many other issues in children. In adults long term exposure to PCB's can cause anywhere from a mild reaction such as a rash to anything as severe as cancer.

What are PCB's?

PCB's is short for polychlorinated biphenyl. PCB's were originally used in transformers, capacitors, and coolants. They became widely used for its durability for use around large electrical wires without overheating. In 1979 the use of PCB's were banned but by this time PCB's already existed in many homes, schools, and businesses around the United States and unfortunately some in some buildings PCB's still exist and sometimes in high and unhealthy amounts.

Why am I hearing so much about PCB's now?

A lot has been said about PCB's in the past few months or so, especially in the New York City area. PCB's have been in the news for being found in large and toxic amounts in Staten Island schools and, recently, in Brooklyn schools also.

The PCB's are mainly being found in the old light fixtures in the classrooms. So far the EPA has evaluated the PCB levels in quite a few New York City schools and found some of the classrooms to have extremely toxic amounts of PCB's in them. This can cause long term issues for children and adults alike if exposed to them over a long period of time.

How does it effect students and teachers of the schools with toxic PCB amounts?

Although the specifics of the effects of long term exposure to PCB's are still being discovered it is known that overexposure to the chemical can cause health problems. The specific amount of time it takes for toxic amounts of PCB's to have an effect on someone is currently not known. To put things in prospective though a child in one year of one grade of school spends approximately 1400 hours in school. A teacher who teaches the same grade for 5 years of his/her life may spend up to 7200 hours or more in school and possibly in the same classroom. This can cause a huge concern for a parent who has a child in a classroom with high levels of PCB's and likewise for a teacher who has taught the same grade in the same classroom for years.

What should I do if I think I am suffering from health problems from PCB exposure?
If you believe you are suffering from health problems from PCB exposure you should contact your primary doctor immediately and discuss your concerns with him/her. Your doctor will be able to help you determine what the best treatment is if there are any available and may even be able to help you determine the cause of the health problems. If it is suspected that over-exposure to PCB's is the cause for the health problems it is important to speak with a PCB injury lawyer in your area about your rights.

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