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Personal Boat, Jet Ski or Watercraft Accident Lawyer

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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Over the years the popularity of personal boating, water skiing, jet skiing and the use of other personal watercraft has grown. With the great enjoyment that comes with these activities also comes the risk for serious injuries. Most accidents that occur on personal watercraft such as jet skiing or personal boats occur because of inexperienced, negligent or intoxicated. 

Jet Ski Injuries and Other Personal Boat and Watercraft Injuries 

Getting injured in a jet ski accident or getting injured on a personal boat accident can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal injuries to the parties involved in the accident. Injuries can range from severed body parts, to severely broken bones, head trauma, and disfigurement. Injuries such as these can be life threatening or can be life altering causing the injured person to have to continuously receive treatment or go to therapy or may cause the injured person to be unable to work. 

Compensation for Jet Ski Accidents and Other Boat Accidents in New York  

When jet ski accidents or boat accidents occur in New York it is important to first figure out who is at fault for the water accident. If there is a negligent or intoxicated party involved in causing the accident you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries but because every state varies on watercraft and boating laws it is important to hire a boat accident lawyer in New York who is educated on both New York state boat laws and federal maritime/international waterway laws. 

Contacting The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr. Regarding a Boating Accident
 If you have been injured in a boat accident involving a negligent or intoxicated party it is important to find out what your rights are. While every ones situation is different and not everyone needs to hire a boat injury or Jet Ski injury lawyer most cases do benefit from an attorney being on the case but at the same time we realize that not everyone needs the services of an attorney. At our Staten Island injury law firm we offer free boat accident case consultations to help you understand what your rights are. Our free case consultations establish no obligation or attorney-client relationship unless you decide you want to hire us as your lawyer to represent you and to obtain compensation for your injuries. To set up a consultation fill out our online contact form or call us directly at 718-701-2776.