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7 Questions to Ask a New York Social Security Disability Lawyer

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If you need help filing for Social Security disability benefits or appealing a claim that the Social Security Administration has denied, you should seek legal counsel.

The process of obtaining Social Security disability can be very time-consuming and confusing. Many claims are initially denied, so an appeal can drag out the process. By getting the help of a New York Social Security disability lawyer early on, you stand a better chance at a favorable outcome.

Questions to Ask Your New York Social Security Disability Lawyer

One of the questions to ask your Brooklyn Social Security disability lawyer is how many disability cases he or she has handled. While there is no magical number, it helps to know that your lawyer has worked on enough cases to gain substantial experience.

You'll also want to find out if your lawyer has handled cases similar to yours. Since every Social Security disability case is unique, the various types of medical conditions that may qualify for benefits can affect the outcome of your claim.

Since the paperwork can be very complicated, you should also ask if your lawyer will help you to complete your forms. It's extremely helpful to have a lawyer's experience to keep all your paperwork in order.

Since many Social Security lawyers spend a lot of time in court, you should also ask who will handle your case. Will paralegals assist?  Will the lawyer represent you at a hearing? Even if your lawyer enlists the help of others, ultimately your New York Social Security disability lawyer should be the one in charge of your case.

Another question to ask is when you can expect the lawyer to go over the evidence and review your file prior to your hearing date. You want to know that your lawyer is prepared and isn't reviewing your case at the last minute. On this note, you'll want to find out when your lawyer will meet with you again, as you should have a meeting at least several days before your hearing.

Finally, find out if your New York Social Security disability lawyer will take your case to federal court, if necessary. If your lawyer is not licensed to do so, will he or she be willing to offer you a referral?

When you're applying for Social Security disability benefits, you don't want to risk your much-needed financial assistance. Seeking legal counsel from a New York Social Security disability lawyer is the first step to getting your case off on the right track.

Contacting a Brooklyn Social Security Disability Lawyer 

Before you file your Social Security disability claim, be sure to take advantage of this free consumer's guide: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim. Contact a New York Social Security disability lawyer at The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr. for help in building your disability claim at 718-701-2776.