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Roof Fall Injury at Construction Site | Falling from a Roof in Staten Island

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Roof fall construction accidents can pose a life threatening or life altering situation to those who experience them. Common roof fall injuries at construction sites include injuries such as a broken neck, broken back, broken leg, and head injuries. Unfortunately many roof fall injuries that occur can be prevented but sometimes negligence is involved and the construction worker ends up getting injured because of a situation that should have never existed and could have easily been prevented.

How Do Roof Fall Injuries Occur?

Roof injuries can occur a variety of ways. The most common reason for falling off of a roof or being injured while working on a roof is improper safety equipment. A construction worker who is not provided with the proper safety equipment can change a roofing job from being safe to being a possible death trap.

A construction worker should never be asked to work in unsafe conditions without the proper safety equipment which includes working with bad railings, bad planks, without a safety harness, or without other necessary safety equipment including equipment to safely hoist material.

Who is at Fault?

Fault for a roof injury involving negligence usually falls on the property owner or, sometimes, the contractor who the injured worker is employed by. The reason a property owner or contractor would be at fault for a roof injury to a construction worker would be for reason such as trying to cut costs or cut time by not properly providing the worker with the right safety equipment for the job that needs to be done. Another reason a contractor could be at fault for a worker suffering from a roof fall injury would be if the contractor did not have a fall protection plan in place. A fall protection plan is required by OSHA when a drop is more than 6 feet from the ground. If a fall protection plan is not in place it puts the roof worker at risk.

What are my Rights if I am Injured?
If you were injured by falling off of a roof or were injured on a roof due to faulty or unsafe equipment or if you were not provided with the proper equipment for the job or a proper safety fall protection plan negligence may be involved. While every case is different and is based off of liability and the type of injury and the extent of the injury sustained you are more than likely entitled to compensation for the injuries that you have suffered.

For additional information about injuries caused by falling off of a roof and for information on lawsuits for falling off of a roof or lawsuits for getting injured on a roof contact Frank J. Dito Jr. Staten Island construction accident lawyer at 718-701-2776 for a free consultation.