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How to Avoid Being Injured in a Swimming Pool

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With summer at its peek swimming pools are opened and being used more in the months of July and August than any other time of the year.  Although there is much fun associated with swimming there are also precautions that you must take as a responsible pool owner.  Here are some tips for keeping your pool safe:

  • Make sure that drains, suctions, fittings and jets are properly covered to help prevent body or hair entrapments.  If any of the fixtures are not secured or if they are broken they should be fixed immediately to avoid injury. 
  • If you have recently had your pool installed or if you have made an addition to your pool by adding a diving board you should have the diving board inspected to make sure it was properly installed.  Failure to have your diving board inspected could mean that you are at risk of injuring yourself or other.
  • Have your pool inspected by a licensed electrician to make sure you are not at risk for any electrical hazards.
  • Make sure that you have a safe entry area and a safe exit area at both ends of your pool.  Always make sure these areas are clear of any items such as toys and make sure that they are sturdy and properly installed.
  • Make sure that you properly sanitize and skim your pool allowing the pool water to be clear so that you can see into it easily.
  • Make sure that you have the proper water chemistry - the wrong mixture of chemicals in the water could result in serious injury to your skin.
  • Make sure that your fence and/or gates and alarms are properly working and are not easily accessable to young children.  Young children should be kept away from the pool unless there is an adult supervising their pool activity.
  • Learn CPR - you never know just how valuable classes in CPR can be until you are placed in the situation to need it.  Make sure that you are properly prepared for any situation that may cause you to use CPR. 

If you are ever planning on installing a pool or if you already have a pool installed please keep these useful swimming pool tips in mind and follow them.