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Traumatic Brain Injury from a Car Accident

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A common severe injury from a car accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A traumatic brain injury may be present in any type of car accident and is not exactly dependent upon whether it was a high speed car accident or if it was a low speed car accident. The most common cause for a traumatic brain injury in a car accident is a blow to the head. The blow to the head could be sustained by hitting the windshield, rear view mirror, driver's side window, passenger's side window, steering wheel, or even sometimes from the airbag deploying. Other causes for a traumatic brain injury in a car accident include circumstances where an object such as glass or even a object from the other car/truck that strikes the accident victim. Circumstances such as these can cause severe trauma to the head resulting in a traumatic brain injury if something punctures through the skull and to the brain tissue. 

Hitting your head during a car accident can cause serious injuries to the brain. One of the most severe brain injuries that can occur in a car accident is a traumatic brain injury. It is important that if your head was hit in a car accident you get medical attention immediately to determine if you have suffered a concussion or some other injury to the brain such as a traumatic brain injury. In the case of a car accident causing a traumatic brain injury it is important to seek medical attention immediately to lessen the severity of the traumatic brain injury. 

Traumatic brain injuries caused by car accidents can cause long term problems in the accident victim at any age. In severe cases of traumatic brain injuries patients will have to re-learn the majority of things that they learned as young children such as how to walk, communicate, and how they control their emotions. In moderate traumatic brain injury cases the patient may need less rehabilitation but usually with most traumatic brain injuries - moderate or severe - the accident victim will require some type of ongoing rehabilitation.

If a car accident has left you or a loved one with medical bills, ongoing physical or psychological treatment, and in long term physical pain it is important to discuss your case with an experienced car accident lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injuries in New York. The lawyer will be able to review your case and help you determine fault (if this has not already been determined) and if you are not at fault for the accident will be able to handle your lawsuit for a traumatic brain injury caused by a car accident. 

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