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Helpful Tips - What to Do After a Car Accident

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"What should you do after a car accident?" This is a question that runs through many peoples heads shortly after a car accident takes place and whether you found this page because you were in a car accident recently or if you are just curious this information is very helpful. Below are the steps that should be followed when involved in a car accident:

  • Stay Calm - Stop your car in a safe place and turn your flashers on. Take a deep breath and be safe when exiting the car.
  • Don't apologize - Don't immediately admit fault or apologize. Anything you say at the scene of the accident can be held against you later. 
  • Contact Police - Dial 911. If you think you are injured ask for an ambulance.
  • Find Witnesses - Witnesses can be very important if the facts of the accident are being disputed. 
  • Take Pictures - Pictures can be crucial in determining specifics of the accident. You will want to take pictures of all sides of the vehicle, closeup of the damage, license plates of all vehicles, entire accident scene, and the people involved including passengers and witnesses.
  • Gather Information - After taking photos take note of specifics about the accident scene, other persons car, the other driver, other driver's insurance information, and the police who responded to the scene.
  • Accident Details - Try to be as detailed as possible and take note of the location, damage to the vehicle and an accident diagram of how the cars were positioned when the car accident took place.
Sometimes remembering this information might be difficult after a car accident occurs. If you would like we will send you a complimentary Glove Box Accident Kit. The Glove Box Accident Kit has all of the information listed above, along with a pen, and a complimentary disposable camera that can be kept in your glove box and used in case of an accident. 

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