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2 Bronx Children Involved in Separate Fall Accidents in June

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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Posted on Jun 24, 2010

June 22, 2010 - Bronx, NYC - With summer weather comes the danger of child window fall accidents associated with open windows and balconies. Already in June there have been two instances of young children suffering serious falls from residential windows in the Bronx.

NY1.com reports that on June 11, a 4-year-old boy died after falling from a balcony on the 23rd floor of a building in the Co-op City housing complex. Authorities continue to investigate the fatal child window fall accident.

A few days later, on June 14, a 3-year-old boy fell 3 stories from a Bronx apartment building window. Though the child suffered serious injuries in the fall, he is expected to recover from the accident. Police said it appeared there were no safety fixtures in place on the windows that could have prevented such a fall.

These tragic cases illustrate the safety concerns inherent with summer in the city, when many people open windows or balcony doors in an effort to allow air to circulate through stuffy apartments. When proper safety fixtures are not in place, young children are susceptible to window falls, which can result in

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Paralysis; or
  • Death


Contacting a Bronx Child Injury Lawyer 

If the owner of an apartment building fails to install proper safety fixtures on windows, or if the safety device you used was defective and your child suffered a window fall accident, you may be able to file a child injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim.

If the owner of the building was the New York City Housing Authority, or the accident took place on city property, you may also need to speak to your attorney about the complications involved in filing a claim against a municipality.

Talk to a Bronx child injury lawyer about your potential for a personal injury claim after a New York City window fall accident. Before you hire a Bronx child injury lawyer, order this free consumer's guide: What to Expect at Your 50(h) Hearing with the City of New York, to give you an idea of the special concerns in a lawsuit involving the city. Contact a New York disability lawyer at the Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr. for more information about your case - 718-701-2776.

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