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Obesity Report Shows New York Improving but Still a Concern

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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Posted on Jul 15, 2011

The latest numbers ranking the most obese states from the Trust for America's Health have slightly improved for New York, but there's still much room for improvement. Obesity can lead to serious health conditions that may leave you disabled from work. You may be able to collect disability benefits.

My Fox NY reports that New York ranked as the 41st most obese state in the nation, improving from its ranking of 36th last year. This year the report shows that 24.7% of New York residents are considered obese, compared to the 25.1% reported last year.

The combined obesity and overweight rate in New York has climbed steadily from 54.1%, in 2001, to this year's rate of 60.6%. Weight is an important contributing factor to the development of many disabling conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. 

In tandem with the rise in overweight and obese New Yorkers, rates for diabetes have increased from 4.7% in 1995 to 8.7% in 2011. Cases of hypertension in adults have seen a similar increase with a 5.1% jump to 27.1% today as compared to the 22% rate in 1995.

Weight loss and management are often the most beneficial methods of controlling disabling conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Even general obesity can cause complications in your breathing, ability to walk, and increase your chances at developing other disabling conditions such as heart disease.

How a Queens Disability Law Firm Can Help

Disabling medical conditions can become a financial burden on you and your family. If a medically diagnosable condition is preventing you from working you don't need to suffer alone. Disability benefits can be the key to a better financial outlook for your family.

Before you file your claim for Social Security disability benefits, be sure to take advantage of this free consumer's guide: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim. Contact the Staten Island disability law firm at the Law Office of Frank J. Dito, Jr.for help with building your disability claim - 1-718-701-2776.

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