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Aorta Balloon Pump Fails to Reduce Damage from Heart Attack

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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Posted on Sep 15, 2011

Health Day reported that damage from a heart attack cannot be reduced by inserting a balloon pump into the aorta. When a heart attack leaves you disabled, then you could be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Angioplasty is a procedure that clears clogged blood vessels. In addition to angioplasty, some doctors also opt to insert a balloon pump into the aorta before performing the surgery to reduce damage from a heart attack.

The balloon pump serves to increase the supply of blood to the heart so that it's not working as hard. However, a new study shows that despite findings in animals that it could reduce damage, it is not the case for humans.

When comparing 2 groups of people, those who had the balloon pump inserted and those who didn't, there was no difference in the amount of heart damage. However those who did receive it experienced short-term complications such as vascular problems and bleeding.

If you have questions concerning eligibility of Social Security disability benefits or how to appeal a claim that has been denied, you should speak immediately with a New York disability attorney. An attorney can assist you with every aspect of your claim.

Contacting a New York Disability Attorney 

Before you file your Social Security disability claim, be sure to take advantage of this free consumer's guide: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim. Contact a New York disability attorney at the Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr. for help in building your disability claim - 1-718-701-2776.

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