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New York College Student Regains Mobility with New Chair

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Posted on Dec 28, 2010

December 22, 2010 - East New York, NY - After more than a year of fighting with insurance companies and bureaucratic delays 22-year-old Gary Coleman is finally able to return to his normal life.

Eyewitness News 7online.com was an integral part in helping the college student regain his ability to return to the world outside his apartment when they were able to expedite his claim. In 2009 Coleman was hit by a car and his old motorized wheelchair was destroyed.

He filed a claim for the replacement of the chair, but the insurance company delayed in resolving his issue, leaving him unable to leave his apartment and attend his college classes. Eyewitness News stepped in and finally obtained an $18,000 check from the insurance company for Coleman's new chair.

The motorized wheelchair was provided by RehabCo, a Bronx supplier, whose company owner came out to personally deliver the chair. Coleman is now equipped to move about as before and is set to return to his college classes in March 2011 where he will continue to study to become a pediatrician.

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Contacting a New York Disability Lawyer 

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