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Grasmere Car Accident Involves Truck

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Posted on Mar 09, 2010

A Grasmere car accident involving a Coors Light truck leaves a left-hand turn lane blocked. The incident took place on Thursday afternoon, March 4, 2010, on Hylan Boulevard at Old Town Road.

According to a witness, the Coors Light truck and sedan were both heading towards St. George on Hylan Boulevard and smashed into one another in the left-turn lane at Old Town Road. The force of the impact caused the front passenger wheel of the Coors Light truck to become embedded in the left-side fender of the sedan.

“You could see the spokes from the truck’s hubcap smashed in the car,” the unidentified witness reported.

It was unclear as to how many people were involved in the accident and whether any of them sustained injuries in the wreck. Their identities have not been released.

Commuters wanting to turn left onto Old Town Road were required to navigate around the vehicles since the vehicles were blocking the lane.

The Grasmere car accident is still under investigation by local authorities. It was unclear as to who was at fault and what caused the accident.

Accidents involving trucks can be catastrophic and lead to serious injuries. We hope that no one suffered any injuries in this unfortunate accident.

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