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Missed Tumors on Mammograms are Most Aggressive

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Posted on May 05, 2011

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According to a report from the Doctor's Lounge, missed tumors or those that occur between mammograms are the most aggressive. Researchers say this indicates a need for improved screening methods.

Mammograms don't always catch tumors and even when they do, new tumors can grow between regular screenings. This can lead to an aggressive form of cancer that may be difficult to treat.

After analyzing patients in a study, it was found that tumors were at a higher grade and stage when they formed between screenings or if they were missed at an earlier screening. 

This means they were 3 times more likely to have an elevated mitotic index, which is how fast the division of cells is occurring. They were also 2 times more likely to be progesterone-receptor negative and estrogen-receptor negative. In other words, these are considered to be difficult to treat cancers since hormonal therapies don't usually work.

How often a woman has a mammogram screening could indicate the risk of having additional tumors or discovering a missed tumor.

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Contacting a Bronx Social Security Disability Lawyer 

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