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New York Mental Illness Patients Granted Supportive Housing

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Posted on Jul 19, 2010

June 24, 2010 - New York City, NY - A decision made by the federal appeals court has upheld a lower court's order to transfer thousands of NYC mental illness patients from group homes to individual homes and apartments.

The NY Times reports that the state must develop and execute a plan to create at least 1,500 units of supportive housing a year for the next 3 years to meet the demand created by this decision. The decision was made thanks to help from the Americans With Disabilities Act (AWDA) which Judge Nicholas Garaufis found the state to be in violation of.

The approximately 4,300 people with mental illness being held in privately run group homes were isolated from the outside world in warehouse-like conditions, a violation of the AWDA which seeks fair treatment of mental illness patients like those affected by the new housing requirements.

The plan gives nearly all current and future adult home residents the opportunity to move into supportive housing. Mental illness patients would continue to receive the same benefits and supportive care like case-management services and visits from medical professionals.

This move will allow mental illness patients to regain some of their independence and perhaps help in the rehabilitation and treatment of their illness. The homes will still be state funded, and will still provide the same degree of individual benefits to the residents.

Contacting a New York Disability Lawyer 

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