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Police Report Shows Officer Was Speeding when Struck Pedestrian

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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Posted on Jan 18, 2012

A Nassau County police department investigation has revealed that a police car was speeding, estimated at 54 m.p.h., when it fatally struck Sherry Lang, a pedestrian crossing Merrick Road in Bellmore, New York. The inital report after the accident estimated the speed of the police car at approximately 30 - 35 m.p.h.

A full reconstruction of the accident by the police department showed that the police car was travelling at 60 m.p.h. just moments before the impact. The excessive speed occurred at night, in steady rain, creating low visibility. The police investigation also determined that the police officer behind the wheel of the car was not operating with the car's lights or sirens on and was not enroute to an emergency.

Tom Cascione, the Lang's family attorney, claimed that the police officer's excessive speed caused the death of Ms. Lang. If Ms. Lang was actually struck at 30 m.p,.h, her chances of survival would be almost 60%. When the speed increases to 50 m.p.h, the fatality rate increases to almost 100%.

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