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Stress on the Job Can Lead to Injuries, Health Problems

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Posted on Jul 09, 2010

July 9, 2010 - The effects of stress on a person's health and well-being are well documented, but stress can also have a negative effect in the workplace, resulting in on-the-job injuries and work-related illness. When employees suffer on-the-job accidents, they may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits to help cover lost wages and medical expenses.

A recent survey by Buck Consultants, A Xerox Company, shows that employers are using a variety of approaches to combat on-the-job stress and, hopefully, reduce the need for Workers' Compensation benefits that are necessary after stress-related accidents.

Stress in the Workplace identifies the factors that are most impacted by on-the-job stress and strategies that employers are using to address the problem. The results include responses from more than 250 sources, representing more than 200 companies of various sizes and industries.

According to the survey, the workplace issues most affected by stress are: 

  • Health care costs;
  • Missed work hours/productivity; and 
  • Workplace safety. 

It was shown that 66% of employers use at least 4 programs intended to reduce on-the-job stress and 22% have established 8 or more programs. Some employers offer as many as 10 programs for their employees. Only 7% of survey respondents do not have any stress-reduction strategies in place.

The most commonly cited strategies include employee assistance programs (EAP) and flexible work schedules.

Other strategies include: 

  • Support programs that emphasize a healthy balance between work and home life;
  • Leadership training;
  • Online healthy living programs or worksite fitness options; and
  • Classes offering support with financial issues.

Contacting a New York Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you were injured at work as a result of stress or any other mitigating factor, you may need to file a Workers' Compensation claim. If you have questions about Workers' Compensation, order this free consumer's guide: New York Workers' Compensation Facts and Terms. Contact the Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr. for help in building your case- 718.701.2776

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