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Task Force Recommends Men Not Undergo Prostate Cancer Screen

Frank J. Dito, Jr.
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Posted on Oct 17, 2011

In a report from CNN Health, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is set to recommend that men not undergo prostate cancer screening. If you were diagnosed with prostate cancer or any other severe condition that has resulted in disability, then you could qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits.

These new recommendations are not being met with enthusiasm by many men and most especially not with the Prostate Cancer Foundation. This is the same task force that also recommended women in their 40's to not have a mammogram.

The reason for the task force's decision to set new recommendations is based on the belief that prostate cancer screening doesn't benefit men more than it harms. 

According to the task force the serious, sometimes fatal side effects are not worth it. Some men suffer from impotency or incontinence after undergoing prostate cancer treatment, which is based on results from prostate cancer screening. 

Unfortunately, not all men who are screened actually require treatment. Other men may undergo radical prostatectomy, which removes the prostate gland, and can lead to complications resulting in death. 

When you have become the victim of a disabling condition and need assistance with your disability claim, then your next step should be to speak with a New York Social Security disability attorney

Contacting a New York Social Security Disability Attorney 

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