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Three People Injured in New York Car Accident Caused by Texting Driver

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Posted on Aug 04, 2009

A tow truck and car crashed in Lockport after the tow truck driver was apparently texting and driving.  Three people were injured as a result.

Nicholas Sparks, an employee of Adams Towing, was driving the tow truck when the accident occurred.  He was traveling on Tonawanda Creek road when his truck hit a car at an intersection in Lockport close to a residential area.  Sparks crashed into the back of a car, which caused it to swerve out of control, slide into a trench and then go through a resident’s backyard fence.

The impact of the New York accident caused the car and motorcycle that were on the back of the tow truck to fall off, which damaged a nearby home, destroying the air conditioning unit and house’s gas lines.   The tow truck then fell into the private pool in the resident’s backyard.

According to police officials, the driver of the tow truck had been talking on his cell phone and texting at the same time.  Police authorities confiscated his phone so that they can review his call history.  They will also be searching the tow truck for other possible causes for the crash.

The driver of the car hit was taken to Erie County Medical Center by trauma helicopter for treatment for her serious injuries.  The 8-year-old passenger in the car was taken to Women and Children’s Hospital for her injuries.

The tow truck driver faces charges for reckless endangerment and tailgating.

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