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As a service to the public, Staten Island attorney Frank J. Dito, Jr. has written books and publications that will answer your questions on a variety of topics including learning what mistakes not to make after a car accident, how to file a worker's compensation claim in New York, what to do after you have suffered an injury and how to determine if you have the right amount of car insurance in New York.  If you would like one of our FREE publications or a consultation, contact our Staten Island accident attorney today.


Personal Injury

What to Expect at Your 50h Hearing with the City of New York

Injured due to an act of negligence of the City of New York? Have a 50h hearing scheduled? This free report lets you know what to expect in a pre-action hearing
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New York Glove Box Accident Kit

New York Glove Box Accident Kit In an automobile accident in New York City? Here is what do when you are! Our Accident Kit provides info on determining liability and additional items you need
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10 Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Doctors After an Injury

Understanding how to deal with doctors after an injury is key to ensuring that your injury case has solid supporting evidence to get the amount you deserve.
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The NY Accident Book: 10 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Accident Case

The New York Accident Book The NY Accident Book: 10 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Accident Case, FREE! In an accident in NY? Do not know what to do? Get your free book today to learn more!
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Child Safety Seats: A Guide for Families

Safely securing a child in child safety seat can mean difference between life and death. Learn about The New York laws regarding children and child safety seats.
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A Lawyer's Guide to Car Insurance

A Lawyer's Guide to Car Insurance A Lawyers Guide to Car Insurance helps you learn of the dangers of not being properly insured. To avoid a headache from being under insured, get your free copy.
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What you need to know about your New York Workers' Compensation Claim. Call or write to request your FREE report today!

The New York Workers' Compensation FREE report answers all your workers' compensation questions. Find out what you need to know about your compensation claim.
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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Get your FREE report - 5 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid when Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

Avoid these 5 mistakes that will prevent you from winning your Social Security Disability benefits. Call or write today for your FREE report before you apply!
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Pre Settlement Finance: Real Dangers and How It Can Wreck Your Case

Pre settlement loans from a finance company sound great but they can leave you with no settlement money. Get your free report to learn dangers of loans today
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The Dangers of Social Networking Sites

Dangers lurk on social networking sites for both children and adults sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Read this free report to protect yourself.
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