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Our law firm represents clients in New York.  The Staten Island attorneys at FJD provide a thorough list of resources. If you are looking for legal advice in another state, view our list below to find an attorney who can help you.

Personal Injury

  • 2010 Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis:

    Do you suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (IBD) or know someone that does and still maintains a positive outlook on life and lives in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx?  If so check out this website for how to apply to be submitted for or to submit someone else for the Take Steps 2010 for Crohn's and Colitis.

  • 2010 Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis Hometown Heros:

    Do you suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (IBD) or know someone that does and still maintains a positive outlook on life and lives in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx?  If so check out this website for how to apply to be submitted for or to submit someone else to be chosen as a Hometown Hero in the 2010 Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis. 

  • AAP: Information Regarding Parenting, Child Safety Tips and Pediatric Care:

    Organization of United States pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults. The website includes helpful information and guidance regarding parenting, seasonal tips for child safety information, child health topics and references and guides to pediatric health and care.

  • Check Your Toyota's VIN to See If It Was Recalled:

    Toyota has a tool on their website which allows you to enter your Toyota vehicles VIN and it will make you aware of if your vehicle has been recalled and what it has been recalled for.

  • Checklist for Summer Safety:

    The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation devotes their studies to helping children and adults alike prevent spinal cord injuries caused by recreational and sports related causes. This checklist will provide you with valuable information to help you keep yourself and your child out of risk for a serious injury. The checklist provided by The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation offers do's and dont's for driving, swimming, diving, watercrafting, body boarding and bicycle riding.

  • Childproofing Your Garage and Yard:

    The Alan Factory Outlet website provides a simple guide to childproofing your garage and yard that will protect your child's life. 

  • Children's Safety Network:

    The Children's Safety Network is a national resource center for the prevention of childhood injuries and violence. They offer expertise on a wide range of injury topics to State and Territorial Maternal and Child Health and Injury and Violence Prevention programs.

  • Children's Safety Network: Information on Prevention of Childhood Injuries and Violence:

    Website for the Children's Safety Network, a national resource center for the prevention of childhood injuries and violence. The website offers expertise on a wide range of injury topics, including Child Health and Injury and Violence Prevention programs, bike safety, home safety and car safety.

  • Donate to a 2010 Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis Walker:

    Do you suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (IBD), know someone that does or just want to help raise money for research of IBD?  If so, visit this link to find out how to get involved in the 2010 Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis or to donate money to a walker who is already involved in the walk.

  • Emergency First Aid Information for Fracture (Broken Bone) Treatment:

    Website of the Mayo Clinic™ provides emergency first aid information for treatment of fractures (broken bones), including when to call 911 and what to do while you are waiting for medical help to arrive.

  • Emergency First Aid Treatment for if Your Child Swallows a Foreign Object:

    Website of the Mayo Clinic™ provides emergency first aid information for treatment if your child swallows a foreign object, including the American Red Cross recommendation of the “5 and 5” approach to first aid.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on PCB's:

    The website of the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") lists information about Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's) such as the commercial use of PCB's and other common names PCB's go by.

  • Environmental Safety and Health Online - Commercially Permitted PCB Disposal Companies:

    The website of the Environmental Safety and Health Online lists commercially permitted PCB disposal companies. One of these companies should be contacted in the event PCB's are found and need to be disposed of properly. These companies differ from other disposal companies in the sense that they have been trained on how to properly remove PCB's and safely dispose of them.

  • Fire Prevention, Preparedness and Recovery:

    Fire prevention and preparation are crucial to decreasing the number of injuries and deaths caused from these disasters. To help in the fight, people need to know responses and take steps to avoid or respond to a fire. The most at risk for injuries are children under the age of 5 and those over the age of 54. Pets are also at risk for injuries too. To help homeowners and firefighters decrease the risk of fires, here is a helpful guide specifically for kids, seniors and pets on the necessity of fire prevention, preparedness and recovery. Each section is geared towards a different group to help prevent home fires, how to prepare for fire should they start and steps to take after the fire is extinguished. 

  • Free Car Recall Check by CARFAX:

    With all of the car recalls recently, especially the with the defective car issues that Toyota has been having with brake problems and accelerator problems, you may be wondering if you're call has been recalled.  Some recalls are for major things and some are for things that are so widely announced because the are either less severe or do not include many cars so you may not always hear about them.  This useful auto recall check is not only free but will provide you with useful information about your vehicle and can be used as often as you would like.

  • KidsHealth:

    KidsHealth is a website with useful information and safety tips for children to parents.  The site is broken up into three age groups so that no matter how old you are you can get the safety tips you need to stay safe on a daily basis. The groups include a site for children, site for teens and site for parents.  The website offers advice on how to stay safe around the house, when swimming and when doing other outdoor activities.  The best thing about this site is that it makes the information appealing to you based on your age group so that you or your children can get the most information out of the site.

  • Life Saver Child Safety Pool Fencing in Staten Island and New Jersey:

    Life Saver Child Safety Fencing offers a removable mesh pool fence with aluminum poles which are designed specifically to provide safe, protective barrier fencing around swimming pools for toddlers and young children. Pool Safety is essential. For help making your Staten Island or New Jersey pool more child safe click on this link to get a free quote for installation.

  • MTA Bustime:

    Link provides real-time monitoring of all buses on Staten Island, including express busses. Interactive map tells location of NYC Transit bus and time of arrival to next stop. Useful link for finding out when your bus is late or if an acccident is slowing it down.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

    U.S. government website that is dedicated to saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing economic costs due to road traffic crashes, through education, research, safety standards and enforcement activity. The site contins information on child safety seats and their proper use, vehicle related recalls and defects, seat belt laws, teen drivers and driver safety information.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Defects & Recalls:

    Website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Defects Investigation (ODI), ODI conducts defect investigations and administers safety recalls to support the NHTSA's mission to improve safety on the Nation's roadways. This website provides the ability to report safety defects for cars, tires, equipment and child restraints. The complaints made to the site may, after investigation, warrant a safety recall.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Defects Investigation:

    U.S. Government agnecy website that lists motor vehicle products which contained a safety-related defect or did not comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

  • New York and New Jersey In-Home Childproofing Service:

    Baby Proofers Plus offers in-home safety evaluations and installation services to help new parents keep their baby safe. Baby Proofers Plus helps new parents reveal the hidden dangers in their home that can put a baby at risk. Baby Proofers Plus offers child proofing services to New York and New Jersey residents. Some of the most common causes for child injury can be found in your home. Make sure that your house is safe for your child by childproofing your home. If you would like assistance childproofing your home contact Baby Proofers Plus.

  • New York State Education Department:

    The website of the New York State Department of Education ("NYSDE") has set up a page regarding the protocol for addressing Polychlorinated Biphenlys (PCBs) in caulking materials in school buildings. This web page will keep you informed on the position of the New York State Department of Education on PCBs, PCB standards, PCB content, and PCB removal.

  • NHTSA Child Safety Seat Inspection Station Locator:

    A link to help you find inspection stations to ensure that your child safety seat is properly installed in your vehcile.

  • NYC Government Information and Services (311):

    This website provides New York City government information and services.

  • Physical Therapist Locator:

    Find a physical therapist in your area whether you live in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, New Jersey or out of state.

  • Prevent Child Abuse New York:

    Prevent Child Abuse New York is a statewide, nonprofit organization in New York dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. The website includes resources aimed at increasing public understanding of the problem and its solutions. It serves as a resource for families, individuals and organizations and to advocate for expanded and improved programs and policies to prevent child abuse.

  • Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network:

    Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network ("RAINN") is one of the nations largest anti-sexual assult organizations. RAINN offers a free sexual abuse hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE or 1-800-656-4673, free consultation, and also educates the public on how to prevent sexual abuse and what to do if you have been abused.

  • Safe Kids USA: Help Your Child Stay Safe by Preventing Common Accidental Childhood Injuries:

    The website of Safe Kids USA, a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children 14 and under. The site includes programs, device distribution and hands-on educational activities for kids and their families, with the aim to get communities across the United States more involved in the safety of their children. Site includes programs for child passenger safety, child pedestrian safety, fire and burn safety and toy and water safety.

  • Safe Kids Worldwide:

    Safe Kids Worldwide is the first and only international nonprofit organization dedicated solely to preventing unintentional childhood injury. Their focus is on promoting changes in attitudes, behaviors, laws and the environment to prevent accidental injury to children.

  • Safecar.gov U.S Vehicle and Equipment Defects and Safety Recalls:

    This website provides recall information for vehicle and equipment safety recall campaigns from 1966 to present. The campaigns include motor vehicle products which contained a safety-related defect or did not comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

  • The National Safety Council: Practical Safety Tips:

    The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads, through leadership, research, education and advocacy. The website includes resources for Agriculture Safety, Distracted Driving, Driver Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Falls in the Home and Community, first aid, Lead, Off-the-Job Safety, Poison Prevention, Radon, Safety for HR Professionals, Safety for Supervisors, Seat belts/Occupant Restraint, Teen Driving, Understanding Radiation, Windows Safety and Workplace Safety Compliance.

  • Treatment for Hand Fractures | What is a Scaphoid Fracture:

    If your hand is fractured due to an accident you may be wondering what the long term effects of a hand fracture are. There are many long term effects of a hand fracture (also known as a Scaphoid Fracture) such as post-traumatic arthritis. Because hand fracture can cause lasting injuries that can follow you the rest of your life you should be educated on how to prevent these situations from happening and also what you can do to treat it. The Hand Surgery Center at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City offers the information you should be aware of.

  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from thousands of types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. The CPSC is committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard or can injure children. The CPSC's work to ensure the safety of consumer products - such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals - contributed significantly to the 30 percent decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 30 years.

  • U.S. Government Recall Information:

    Website provides consumers information regarding recalls from six federal agencies relating to consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics and environmental products. Alerts consumers to unsafe, hazardous or defective products through a "one stop shop" for U.S. Government recalls.

  • What to do if you have a bone fracture:

    Unfortunately, fractures happen everyday so it is important to know what to do in the event that you or a loved one is injured and may possibly have a fracture. Healthline offers first aid tips if you have or think you may have a fractured bone. This website covers everything from hip fractures to pelvic fractures to ankle fracture. Please read to make sure you know how to handle a fracture from an accident.

Zadroga Bill & 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

  • Social Security Administration Office Locator:

    If you need to locate a Social Security Administration office in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan or Queens New York this search created by the Social Security Administration will allow you to find a SSA office in your area based on area code. This link also provides you with the directions, phone number and hours of operation to your Social Security Administration office.

Workers' Compensation

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