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CNN 360 Anderson Cooper - Auto Insurance (Part 2)

Far too often people involved in car accidents find out too late that they do not have the proper auto insurance coverage.  Adequate auto insurance is important to both the person at fault in the car accident and the person who is not at fault.

We at
The Law Offices of Frank J. Dito, Jr. are  dedicated not only to helping you if were involved in a car accident but also to helping you be informed of what adequate car insurance consists of.

This video of CNN 360's Anderson Cooper investigates the questionable and sometimes even poor service provided by certain auto insurance companies.

We are also providing one of our books on auto insurance, "
A Lawyers Guide to Car Insurance"
free of cost for a limited time only.  This important guide on how auto insurance coverage works and what the best auto policy for you is currently sells on Amazon.com for $19.95 but is currently available at no cost.  As a Staten Island & Brooklyn Accident and Injury Attorney I see many cases where inadequate insurance is involved and want to try to educate people on the terms of proper insurance coverage before an accident occurs.  This insurance book is a must have for anyone who owns a car or even a motorcycle.