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A Lawyers Guide to Car Insurance | How to Protect Yourself from Being an Underinsured Motorist | Helpful Information for Purchasing Car Insurance

Purchase car insurance quick and easy is the motto of most car insurance company commercials.  Some even say its as fast as a click of a button, a phone call or may even tell you what amount of time it will take you to get a car insurance quote but many motorists are unaware of what coverage they really need and just select the coverage that is minimal without even knowing what car insurance coverages they are compromising on. 

If a motorist gets into an accident and does not have sufficient car insurance coverage to handle the damages or injuries that occuring it is considered an underinsured motorist case.  Underinsured motorists that do not have sufficient coverage to protect them usually end up very regretful that they did not purchase a slightly more expensive car insurance coverage plan but many times also feel confused because they thought that having car insurance meant they were covered 100% for all damages and injuries no matter what.

If you would like more information on buying car insurance and making sure that you are properly covered in the case of a car accident and you are a New York resident we will send you our book free of charge and with no obligation.  Requesting a free copy of this book will help you understand what coverages you need, what coverages you do not need and what the car insurance companies won't tell you.  Make sure you are properly covered and get a copy of this book today.