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10 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your New York Car Accident Case | Staten Island Accident Lawyer Explains What to Do After an Car Accident in New York Occurs

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If you are a New York resident and were injured in an accident due to someone elses negligence you may be wondering if you need an attorney to represent you or not.  One common thing that you need to know whether or not you need an attorney is what you should and should not do after you are involved in a car accident in New York. 

Many accident victims are unaware of what can hurt their New York accident case and may actually be waiving their right to hiring an attorney and starting a lawsuit without even knowing it! Knowing what to do if you are involved in an accident is very important. 

The 10 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your NY Accident Case allows you to understand how to make sure you do not get treated unfairly after a car accident and to educate you.  One thing you will learn from the book is that you should not speak to an insurance adjuster after an accident prior to speaking to a New York accident lawyer.  Some people unknowingly speak to the insurance adjuster as soon as they call thinking that the adjuster is there to help them and later find out that they are only concerned about saving their insurance company money.  Signing information such as a general release after a car accident acutally waives your right to an accident lawsuit and can cause you to lose thousands of dollars leaving you and your family suffering. 

If you would like a FREE NO OBLIGATION copy of the New York Accident Book: 10 Mistakes that Can Wreck Your NY Accident Case visit our site at Ditolaw.com.  This book is normally sold for $19.95 but to New York residents we are offering this book at no cost (This offer excludes attorneys and also excludes out of state resident).  If you are an attorney or an out of state resident you can purchase the book for $19.95 (we will email you to confirm your order and for payment information after you have submitted your request).  This book is only one of the many things you will receive if you request our Accident Package all at no cost to you. 

If you need to speak with a New York injury attorney regarding your accident case immediately and can not wait for this package to get to your house contact us at 718.701.2776 to discuss your accident case with Frank J. Dito Staten Island accident lawyer or fill out our web form.  Remember to never speak to anyone regarding your accident case until you have spoken to an experienced attorney first.  Contacting us does not create an obligation to retain our law firm as your lawyer.  In fact we offer a free consultation in which you can sit down with us and we will go over your case with you and let you know if you do indeed have a case.  After we have informed you of whether you have a case or not it is then up to you to decide if we are the best New York accident lawyer for your injury lawsuit.